Our Curriculum

Cenad Early days school Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

We offer rich curriculum covering Nigerian and other international countries like British and American curriculum.

This is delivered using the Montessori Method especially at the early years (This is a system of education where a child is being tenderly tutored using child method) generally we try to provide a broad and balanced curriculum for the learners.

We place high standard in core subjects which includes mathematics, science, English, Social studies, Civic education and Health Education. We also give our learners opportunities to develop interest and abilities in music, arts, drama, sports, and public speaking and leadership skills.

We also seek to involve parents in setting these standards through discussions and continuous communication.

Sports and Co-Curricular Activities

       Here at Cenad we encourage our learners to set their own goals and develop their individual potentials. We strongly believe in maintaining a balance in academics, artistic and sporting activities. Therefore we offer opportunities for learners to take part in an impressive variety of sports at all levels.

Every learner is encouraged to participate in various co-curricular programmes which offers them an opportunity to interact with peers and staff outside the classroom environment .This helps learners improve their social life , gain self – confidence, acquire leadership skills and learn how to function as a team .Some of the sporting events we have include :- Football, Basketball , Table Tennis ,Long jump, High jump etc.

       Other activities we participate in include: career talks, leadership talk, cultural day, open days, excursion, inter house sports and public speaking. School clubs include: Science club, Creative arts club, Music club, Literary club, Ballet club and Karate club

Home Work

Home work is a serious affairs in our school. Learners go home daily with home works and over the weekend they go with take home test. The school library has an extensive collection of books ranging from school recommended text books and interesting story books which learners may borrow to read at home . The love of reading is strongly encouraged.

         School Aims

  • To provide broad balanced and relevant curriculum to the learners
  • To identify every learners potential for and provide appropriate resources for that potential
  • To recognise that some learners will need special support in our one or more of the following areas- emotional, behavioural or academic development .
  • To monitor progress and record outcomes
  • To facilitate effective placement of children into good secondary schools.